5 footballers who lost their dreams, lost the opportunity to switch teams

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The past footballers market There is a deal to move the team of the famous footballers who is rumored to be moving fully and has not moved to many people. Let’s go back and see who’s who. Maybe these names will move the winter market?5 footballers who lost their dreams

1. Kylian Mbappe

Top striker, world champion degree with the French national team. It was very news in the past summer. Because his contract with the agency like Paris Saint-Germain, only one year left. While I did not think of extending the contract with the team.

2. Harry Kane

England’s number one striker very clear mouth that you want to move out of “Chicken Golden Spikes” Tottenham Hotspur this summer. Because he wants a chance to lift some championship trophies. Because teams like Spurs themselves today are in a recession.

Back in the summer, Kane had already had a verbal agreement with club chairman Daniel Levy that he wanted to leave this summer. But in the end, Ken was betrayed by the person he trusted the most with a cold face. did not allow him to move the team And in the end, he had to stay with the Golden Spikes Chicken.

3. Bernardo Silva

Actually, the name is a bit weird given the fact that he has had a good performance with Manchester City and is one of the main players in the team.

But just before the start of the football season, Pep Guardiola himself said that this was one of the players who wanted to leave the team. And saying that Silva has received some offers and the team is ready to open negotiations. But in the end nothing happened.

4. Philippe Coutinho

Team “I throw in” Barcelona had a lot of problems in the past summer. Because they need to release the players in the team. To reduce the wage ceiling on teams that cannot register to play in La Liga because it is the budget of the ufabet team

The names of many players are constantly popping up in the news feed. Whether Miralem Pjanic , Ousmane Dembele , Samuel Umtiti or Antoine Griezmann (who successfully moved back to Atletico Madrid)

5. Antley Matland-Niles

star kick from cannon Started strong during the last curve of the trading market. When posting his own Instagram that he wants to leave the artillery team Regardless of what kind of team it is, just give him the opportunity to play regularly.

with the person being the wing But are often caught back to play in the wing-back position on a regular basis. Makes referred to not very emotional already. Until the year when January was released to West Bromwich Albion on loan and in the summer Arsenal were interested. But in the end, nothing happened anyway.