Chiellini pecks Ronaldo again, should leave Juve sooner

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Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini is still following Cristiano Ronaldo, stating that if Ronaldo had moved earlier, Juve would have. Not stumbling at the beginning of the season

Chiellini has previously spoken out about Ronaldo’s recent transfer to Manchester United. And this time it still indicates. The Portugal striker’s late retirement left Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri unable to make changes in time, resulting in a series of disruptive results. “I knew he would have to leave this summer. 

Because we have become a team that focuses on team play ufabet, where Ronaldo needs new motivation. And the team that played for him when he discovered that team He can always be decisive. Just like when I was at Juve as well.” “Juventus has started the contract renewal process. And try to reduce the average age Obviously he’ll get an added bonus if he stays. But it is fair to want a team that focuses on the present rather than the future.

Ronaldo left the team on August 28, it would have been better if he left sooner. We will have time to prepare, unfortunately, that’s what we have to pay for.” “It was a shock to the system of play. We lost points early. because of that If he moves on August 1st, we’ll have time to reorganize the team. And ready to start the season,” Chiellini said.