El Clasico Fati’s special motivation

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Ansu Fati has committed his future to Barcelona after extending his contract with Azul Grana until 2027, ahead of Sunday’s El Clasico clash with Real Madrid.

More than 10 weeks have passed since Lionel Messi shed tears on the day he announced his retirement from the club where he spent more than half of his life. Before the Argentine superstar’s number 10 shirt became a legacy of new hopes, 18-year-old attacker Ansu Fati 

knee pain

‘Knees are something I’ve forgotten. I’m more worried about things like How tired I felt, I was very calm, very happy, I didn’t feel any pain. And I hope it continues like this.’

‘I never doubted that I would come back and play football again. A few years ago something similar happened and that helped me assess everything. I’ve come back from another place so why can’t I come back from here?’

shirt number 10

‘I am so grateful to the club that they believed in me and all the captains. There are many players who wear that number. But luckily I got it and I am grateful to the club and the captains who offered it to me. For me there is no pressure. just motivation No one is like Leo, no one is like (Carles) Puyol or Xavi (Hernandez), no one will do what Leo does, I have to go my own way. I didn’t look much at the number of goals. Just about what I can do and what I can bring to the team. I hope to have a career like they have.’

with Victor Valdes (former Barcelona goalkeeper)

‘I am very grateful to Victor, he has helped me a lot in managing my emotions. everything happened very fast I hope to spend more time with him.’


‘There is still room for improvement. especially listening to those who want to help you. I want to keep improving everything. I haven’t done anything yet. I’m still in the early stages of my football career. I need to improve in many areas. Everything that I have And I can only achieve that by working each day.’

‘El Clasico’

‘Playing in Clasico is always a special motivation, Real Madrid are a big rival for us. And you must be ready for these big games. I’m pretty calm because I know the team will do everything they can to win. we have to improve But we have to compete and I think El Clasico has never been a favorite. It’s playing at home. Which is an important factor for us and we will try to win.’