Liverpool’s top 5 goalscorers in UEFA 

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Recently, he scored two goals alone to help Liverpool. Raiders defeated Atletico Madrid 3-2 in the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday night.  This is the 9th game in a row, including all items. 

From such works As a result, the Egyptian national team star Create a new personal record That is the ” Reds ” player who scored the most goals in the UEFA Champions League in history. Overtake the legend of the club Steven Gerrard is completed.

Liverpool ‘s top 5 goalscorers in the UEFA Champions League ( since renamed from the European Cup )

No. 5: Dirk Kuyt (12 goals from the field, 40 games )

Tough star kicker known for his fitness and not running out of the original capital During a career with Liverpool during the years 2006-2012 . He score in the UEFA Champions League, 12 goals have come up one in five is completed.

Incredible that  The former Netherlands national team spearhead can score goals in this tournament against Liverpool. more than any other famous striker Be it Peter Crouch , Luis Garcia , Michael Owen or even Fernando Torres.

There is no denying that Kuyt  is a dedicated striker. and diligent make him play style Still stuck in the memory of the fans , ” Liverpool ” for many people.

No. 4: Roberto Safir Minogue (18 goals from the field, 45 games )

Since moving to Liverpool in the early 2015 Safir amino  away goal for Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League  in 18 balls from the field, 45 games is the offensive line, the one who’s chosen to go up.

His peak season in form came in 2017-18 when he scored 10 goals in the competition. Unfortunately that year Liverpool ended up runners-up. When losing to Real Madrid 1-3 in the final  

No. 3: San Bernardino minas (20 goals from the field , 44 games )

It is consider another offensive line at Liverpool. Will be indispensable Leave the door with a key to Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League on several balls.

Make the total of Mane Shoot for the partisans ” Reds ” in the big cup of Europe. The total has been increased to 20 goals already. If still able to maintain a good playing form like this indefinitely. Chances of him chasing the record of No. 2 Gerrard. There is still a possible way.  

No. 2: Steven Gerrard (30 goals from the field , 87 games )

Gerrard has been  playing for the team for a long time. by establishing himself is a Liverpool player The play UEFA Champions League, the highest ranked two of the club’s second only to Jamie Carragher  only only.

Of the 87 games played, it is not surprising that Why has he produced 30 goals and has long been Liverpool ‘s all- time leading goalscorer in the Champions League ?

No. 1: Mohamed Ahmed Salah (31 goals from the field, 48 games )

Salah made a contribution to Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League incredible when scored 31 goals , surpassing the legendary Gerrard made it 30 goals.

However, when we look at the number of games on Salah played less than Gerrard for up to 39 games ever. Considered an average scoring goals that are applauded, of course, the path ahead is still a long way ahead , Salah should add more and more.