Tierney urges Arsenal to defeat Villa to reward football fans

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Arsenal left-back Kieran Tierney has urged the team to give their best performance to fans in their home game against Aston Villa (Oct 22) as the team are three points clear. been a while

‘ Cannons ‘ points have drop in the last two ufabet games until they are ranked 12th. But 4 points away from the CHC area. So the Scottish defender is hoping for his comrades to defeat ‘ Singha ‘ to get close. target Including compensation for those ‘ Arsenal ‘ who pay for expensive tickets to the stadium.  

“ They wasted their own time , wasted weekends or weeks apart too, ” said Tierney, a grassroots man before opening his mouth.

“ So we have to know that we should at least try to do our best and make them proud. So I give 100% every game, that’s all I can do. Dare to guarantee. ” 

“ I’m always motivate to go on the pitch. No matter what game, because even when practicing side kicks You have to be aware of who you are playing on. ”

“ You are the representative of all the fans who pay generously to enter the stadium and watch the game. ” 

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